A frank and full-frontal blog on mental health and wellness. Please excuse my occasional French and excessive use of parentheses.


...and the basket case who wrote it

This blog was written by me, Andy, the guy in the middle of the photo above. On the left is my cousin, on the right my dad. At the time this photo was taken, I was already well on the way into a particularly nasty spiral of depression and anxiety. This was my fourth such episode which bridged my 28th birthday. For whatever reason, it was decided on this September day that climbing a nearby hill was a good idea. I remember reaching the top and feeling nothing, and most likely eeking out the strained smile you can see above.

I was then, and am still now, a practising business psychologist and coach who has multiple lenses on mental health and wellbeing. I have come to realise that over the past 18 years I have amassed and internalised a wealth of  knowledge and experience (not to mention opinions) on the topic.

This site is intended as a resource for others enduring mental health challenges and for those supporting them. It is also a means by which to tell my story and continue the fight to beat the taboos and stigma that surround mental health and wellness. I hope you find it interesting, hell knows, even inspiring! 


April 16, 2018

I had the good fortune to grow up in a family which knew a thing or two about mental health. Like many, mental ill health runs through my family history and unlike quite so many, I’m also surrounded by doctors (something of a bonus in the circumstances, but not much us...

March 31, 2018

I would probably rather forget about it when I’m well, and if you read on you will probably quickly come to understand why. But I think it’s so important for people to recognise what it is like to live in the midst of an episode of depression or anxiety to get an idea...

March 31, 2018


It’s not the first thing I say to people when I meet them, and up until recently, I haven’t exactly made it public knowledge what I’ve been through in the last 18 years. But this has been simultaneously sitting on my conscience and dangling itself in front...

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